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About Your Instructor

 Years ago, I developed a passion for shooting and have taken many classes over the years to improve my skills.  This love took me on a path to becoming a Certified Instructor.

While instructing I utilized public indoor shooting ranges that were very restrictive in what skills could be taught.  Often, I finished classes wishing I could teach my students additional skills that would be more useful in real-life situations.

A few years ago, I decided to purchase land and build my own 10,000 sq ft. shooting range to practice and improve my own skills.  This of course opened the door and allowed me to have an area to fulfill my passion to teach my students the skills they truly needed; thus, a dream was achieved, and Black Hawk Ridge was born.

My goal is to make you “better”.  Better means, you are more confident, more proficient and that you will land more shots on target, more quickly.

Real-world dangerous situations can happen in mere seconds.  Take it on good authority that after a day of training, I guarantee that you will be better prepared to use your handgun for a real-world self-defense encounter if required.


About Our Range

Access to the range is down a short wooded road. Our range is outdoor, and no bathroom is provided although facilities are available nearby. You will need to dress appropriately for the current climate. We encourage you to bring a cooler with water or a hydrating drink. A picnic table is provided for breaks and snacks. We strongly encourage a cap, and eye protection and electronic hearing protection are required. If you do not own these items we have them available. We also have rental guns on site to allow you to try different types of weaponry, including handguns with Red Dots.

We have numerous steel silhouette reactive targets. The targets are strategically placed to allow training similar to what one might encounter in a real-world self-defense encounter. We also utilize paper targets, dueling trees, plate racks, and multiple bays in our covered shelter to present a variety of challenges for you. The drills are designed to perfect fundamentals and to increase your speed to target. Our more advanced training uses shot timers to track your progress and push you toward new goals.

Get plenty of rest the night before as our training can be mentally and physically taxing.