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Mr. Crowe made learning fun, plan to take more advanced classes.
Roy A.

So patient, even tho I had never used a gun I left the class confident and comfortable handling my gun.
Joan C.

I will be taking more classes, had a great time.
Sam B.

Due to his range and his training procedures, I now have been introduced to reactive shooting.  What a blast!!
Anthony J.

I’m so glad I took the class. I travel and needed to take gun with me for safety, now I feel like I actually know how to use it.
Marge S.

Great day of training. Want to learn more.
Nick B.

I had never shot a gun; I loved the class.  I can’t wait to go back!
Susan M.

Great, great, great teacher!
Shaqesha T.

I learned so much my, and left feeling so much better about using my new handgun.
Bob J.

Mr. Crowe took me to the next level!
Jack J.

I asked for advanced training and boy did I get it!!!!  Loved it!
Jack L.

By the time I left I was shooting almost twice as fast and much more accurate!
Jim L.

Jim made me feel comfortable and helped me gain confidence.
Mary E.

Best training, I have ever had
Jose R.

He corrected some things and suddenly I was shooting way better.
Thank you.
Marty T.

I have taken a few other classes, but Jim is the best instructor I have ever had.  He was very patient and knows his stuff and he is very fast and accurate.
Bud M.

I thought I was advanced, his course humbled me!  I have signed up for my next lesson.
Joe M.

I raised my score by 60% after 2 hours of training.
Billy B.

Best investment I have ever made!
Freddy L.

I took my 12-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter for a beginner lesson.  The class time was very impressive, and they learned to be safe and hit the target.
Misty C.

Wheeee Dogie.  Two to the spot and one to the top in 1.25 seconds.  I almost got there but not quite.  Jim made it look easier than it was, but I will get there.  I’m going back!
Rusty T.

He corrected some of my fundamentals, and I immediately improved!
Thank you!
Patty J.

I was intimidated about taking lessons, but from the moment I arrived Mr. Crowe made me relax.  I feel I learned more with him in 2 hours than I had learned from my husband in 2 years.  (Probably ex-husband when he reads this)  It is well worth learning from someone who knows how to “teach” and who knows what and how to help you get better and without yelling!
Joan A.

The advanced classes are super exciting, my adrenaline was pumping.
Nate K.

……….ABSOLUTELY invaluable.  I can’t thank you enough!
Keith S.

I found out my gun was better than me.  I was blaming my gun but by the end of the class I had learned that it wasn’t the gun.  I thought the sites needed adjusted.  The shooter is what needed a adjusted.  I shot tight groups when I was finished with the class, and I can’t wait to go back!
Josh H.

I spent hundreds of dollars on my gun so can’t afford not to train with it.  Best time I spent with a gun, ever!
Misty W.