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1.Handgun Safety
Beginner to Novice we teach you all the important safe handling procedures.  This class includes an overview of your handgun, how to safely operate it, and introduces you to shooting.  We start with the fundamentals and will have you safely shooting your handgun when you leave.

2.Women Only Classes
Women, bring a friend and shoot in a none intimidating environment.  Learn at your own pace without peer pressure.  Training is tailored to fit your skill level.  You will enjoy the relaxed environment as you prepare for more advanced training.

3.Basic Handgun I
This class teaches you the fundamentals including stance, grip, and trigger control.  We will cater to your skill level.  We utilize various types of targets and methods to increase your overall handling performance and accuracy.  You will leave this class more confident and proficient with your pistol.

4.Handgun II
Here you will do additional work on fundamentals, fine-tuning of skills, and repetition.  We will move you another step forward toward your goal of becoming consciously competent with your handgun.  The class closes with some fun drills on steel targets to reinforce your learnings with immediate feedback.

5.Red Dot Transition
The Red Dot Sight (RDS) handgun course is designed for shooters who are transitioning from pistol iron sights to RDS. Techniques are taught that will help you align better and build habits that will allow you to find and place the dot faster.  RDS can lead to strong skill improvements when proper fundamentals are applied.

6.Reactive Shooting
Steel reactive targets and timed shooting will advance your skills to the next level.  We instruct based on quarter-second reaction times.  Drills are taught with an emphasis on goals that push you mentally and physically. Shooting is timed in order to challenge you to meet and exceed goals.

7.Advanced Reactive
We continue to increase your muscle memory in this class by repetition and more advanced shooting.  More work with strong and support hand shooting, along with reloading drills make this a more challenging class.

Commander Level
Precise performance expectations along with stringent time goals allow you to push your skills to the limit.  Satisfying test scores are a must to conquer this class and graduate.